John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 12 (ctd.)

Michael stops because he sees Adam is bursting with joy and the urge to ask something. Adam of course wants to know when and where Messiah is going to do Satan in and exactly how. Michael has to explain it’s not going to be a fight like Adam envisages. The Son of God is going to destroy Satan through the perfect obedience, exactly the thing Adam was lacking. In order to do that, he is going to undergo the physical punishment of torture and crucifixion, “imputing” his innocence on those who believe in him and this is what the metaphor of bruising the heel and crushing the head means. After that he is going to die for a moment, resurrect, reveal himself to his disciples several times, send them to spread the gospel to all the nations of the world and bring salvation to other people than the descendants of Abraham, ascend to heaven and judge everybody on the Doomsday, after which the saved are going to live either in Heaven or on Earth, which really doesn’t make much difference, because after that the whole earth is going to be much more pleasant than even Eden. That’s a full stop for Michael, both literally and metaphorically.



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