John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 11 (the end)

Michael explains to Adam that Noah with his family and animals are going to survive the flood. The flood is going to be so strong that the hill on which Paradise is located is going to break off and sail down to the Persian Gulf, where it is going to settle down and become a bare island, populated only by sea animals, to teach Adam that there is no place “to which God attributes sanctity”, because only holy people sanctify any place. Then he shows the next part of the vision to Adam: the Ark gets stuck on the top of Mount Ararat, Noah lets a raven and then a dove through the window, the dove returns with the olive branch, Noah and his folks can leave the ark and a rainbow appears in the sky. Adam is now overjoyed to see the humankind survive and asks about the meaning of the rainbow: is it a means to bind the clouds together, so that they don’t rain anymore? “Close enough”, answers Michael, “it’s to signify God’s covenant with man and to show that there will not be a mass destruction of mankind until the Last Judgement, when the world is purged by fire and only the just will survive.”


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