John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 11 (ctd.)

Adam says to Eve that animals turning predatory is a bad omen, as is the radiant white cloud drawing down. These are of course angels and Adam can soon discern Michael. He tells Eve he has to greet him himself and she has to leave (why?). Michael approaches Adam and tells him that their prayers were not in vain, as God defers their death, giving them time to repent and make up with their good life for what they’ve done. But they have to leave the Paradise and Adam has to start tilling the soil he was born from (because he was created outside the Paradise). Adam is stricken speechless and Eve in her hiding place starts to lament loudly, moaning the loss of her flowers, which she named and her bower. Now she has to go to the land which is stranger to her than to Adam because she was created inside the Paradise and doesn’t know the world outside it.


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