John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 10 (ctd.)

A somewhat long description of the climate change goes on, with all the mythological winds listed. Also another change on the Earth is that animals start to fight with and devour one another, and they also start to be afraid of man. Adam, seeing all that, laments, foreseeing his own unhappiness and that of future generations. He wishes he were dead and he almost wishes God had never created him. But then, he realizes that his future children when they grow up to be snooty teenagers can say the same thing, “I didn’t ask to be born!”. However, as Adam also observes despite his misery, “him not thy election/but natural necessity begot”, i.e. he couldn’t stop himself from having children (I guess celibacy is not an option), while for God the creation of man was a matter of free choice. Still, he accepts his doom, but can’t stop himself from wishing a sooner death.


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