John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 10

The news about the Fall spread fast through the universe. “Th’angelic guards, mute and sad” fly back to Heaven and on their arrival are greeted by other angels who are curious about what happened. “We didn’t do our job, that’s what happened”, is what the angels should have answered, but instead God (and Milton) lets them off pretty easily. They say they exercised “utmost vigilance” and God says of course he foresaw it the moment Satan got out of Hell and no “sincerest care” could have prevented him, so they shouldn’t worry. But now Adam and Eve have to be judged, so that they do not think they can get away with it if they were not stricken dead on the spot. He is going to send his Son as his vicegerent (the word I learnt today, because I sincerely though it’s “viceregent”, like “viceroy”), and as he says it, he send his whole glory upon the Son. The Son answers that of course he is going to do his Father’s will, but as God knows, he promised to take the brunt of their punishment on himself, so when he is going to judge, he is not going to be too harsh. The serpent is not going to be judged, because by his flight he condemned himself already. The Son descends to the Earth with the unimaginable speed, because deities are not bound by time, and starts to look for the first people.













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