John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 8 (ctd.)

Adam thanks Raphael profusely for warning him that thinking about astronomy and investigating the universe is just a waste of time. But would Raphael like to hear his part of the story from the moment he was created? Raphael says he would love to, especially since on that day he was deployed to check the gates of hell, making sure that Satan wouldn’t interfere with the job of creating man. “Not that they durst without his leave attempt”, but it’s more of a ceremonial duty and a show of our obedience, he adds. Now, Raphael must know that Satan actually did dare to get out of hell without God’s leave, because that is why he was sent to warn Adam in the first place. Could it be possible that an angel – GASP – lied? Unless he means without God’s permission nothing can ever happen, even Satan’s recent breakout.  This is a short note, because what follows is Adam’s very long monologue, so I want to read it in one piece tomorrow.


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