John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 7 (the end)

The Son returns in glory, accompanied by the angels singing their praises. They ask the gates of heaven to open wide and get ready to be opened quite often, because from now on God and his messengers are going to visit the earth quite often. The road that is formed is the Milky Way.  The Son sits down with his Father, who of course was with him all the time, because he is omniscient, and they rest on the seventh day, listening to the songs played on various instruments.  In their song the angels praise the act of creation as even greater act than fighting off Satan, because creation is better than destruction. They describe the universe in all its glory, “every star perhaps a world/of destined habitation”, but that may come in time (and opens an interesting  perspective on Milton as a pioneer of S-F).  But of course the earth itself and the new race of worshippers is best of all. “This about answers your question about how the world was created”, says Raphael, “if you have any more questions, shoot”.


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