John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 6 (ctd.)

After a long battle, God’s side starts to win. Night sets in and the angels set up their camp, while Satan’s troops have to flee. Undaunted, Satan gathers his councillors and says, “It’s far from all being lost. I know now, seeing your valour, that you deserve not only liberty, but honour and power. Now you have proven yourself in battle and we know we can’t be killed even though we can be temporarily wounded. If despite the power of angels we are not completely vanquished, perhaps all it takes is stronger weapons to overcome them”. Another fallen angel, Nisroch, tired and with his arms all cut up, stands up and says, “Well, since we’re fighting against the soldiers who apparently can’t sustain any wounds, we are still at disadvantage. We can deal with lack of pleasure but not with constant pain. The one who invents the weapons with which we can overcome the angels would be really our saviour” (I sense some irony here.)


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