John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 6

Abdiel flies all night until morning and when he reaches the troops, it turns out they already know the news he meant to bring and get ready to fight. This is the problem with the text when at least one protagonist is omniscient/omnipotent – there are no big revelations and no dramatic tension. OK, I know that when we read historical novels or watch historical movies, we also know how it is going to end, but the protagonists don’t. Imagine watching Apollo 13 where Ed Harris says, “Don’t worry, they are going to be OK, because I have this special power of seeing into the future and I know it for a fact.” Abdiel gets special praise from God for being the one who withstood the scorn of his peers, which is, as God says, much harder than the actual fight that is going to take place. Well, maybe if you are an angel in heaven and you know no physical harm can happen to you, then yes, but in case of mere mortals, I am not so sure. The angels form ranks and fly over the Heaven until they meet Satan’s troops flying to meet them, since they thought they could catch them by surprise.


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