John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 4 (ctd.)

Satan approaches the First Couple taking on various shapes, appropriately enough, of predatory animals, to eavesdrop on them. (Although back at that time lions and tigers were vegetarian super-fluffy cats, so why should he choose them rather than sheep and goats is beyond me.) Adam decided to make his job easy by providing some flashbacks. He addresses Eve saying how good they are having it, they have nothing to do but to prune trees, tend flowers, and never, never eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Eve, answering Adam, says that she is having it better than him, because she can enjoy him, so much superior to herself, while he has no peer (barf). She reminisces then about the first moments of her consciousness: she woke up and went to a nearby lake where she saw her own reflection in the water. Of course she didn’t realize it was her own face: first she started back, then she returned and started to gaze at it because she liked the other being so much. Then she hears a voice instructing her that it’s her own reflection and now she has to follow the voice to meet Adam with whom she is going to have a lot of children. She follows the voice, sees Adam and initially wants to run away because she doesn’t like him as much as herself. But he follows her, calling her “part of my soul” and reminding her that he sacrificed one rib to create her, and when he catches her hand, she surrenders and they lived happily ever after.


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