John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 2 (the end)

Satan approaches Chaos and addresses him, assuring him about his good intentions (well, good towards Chaos and himself, not good in the moral sense). He didn’t come here to spy but only on his way to the newly created universe. If they show him the way, maybe he will manage to win back for Chaos the lost region where now the universe is located. Chaos, whom Milton calls the  “anarch” (because although he is the ruler, he rules over chaos, so he can’t be called the “monarch”) says in a faltering voice that he knows who Satan is because he observed his downfall. The universe is tied by a golden chain to that side of Heaven from which Satan’s legions fell and it’s not far from here, so he wishes Satan all success. Satan goes on and his travel gets easier as he nears the universe. Later on, when Death and Sin followed him after the Fall, they beat a broad way through which now all evil can spirits pass comfortably to tempt people, except those who are protected by special grace of God. Now Satan is close to the universe, hovering on his giant wings and looking up at Heaven from which he has fallen. He flies towards the earth.


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