John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 2 (ctd.)

Sin continues her tale. She was cast down from Heaven together with the fallen angles and given the key to Hell. She was sitting there lonely until she felt pangs of childbirth and gave birth to Death. She tried to flee him, but he caught her and raped her, impregnating her with the hell hounds which now torment her terribly, creeping back into her womb and gnawing her insides. Death would like to devour her and does not do it only because he knows she’s poisonous. She implores Satan not to confront Death because even he is not immune from the power of Death’s dart. Satan realizes his situation and tries cajoling instead of aggression: he addresses them sweetly as “dear daughter” and “my fair son”, and tells them that his mission is to investigate the Earth where, as he has heard, a new race of upstarts was created by God, possibly to replace the fallen angels. Once he is done, he will return and take them to this beautiful place, where they can roam freely and devour everything. Death grins a horrible ghastly smile at this pleasing perspective and Sin says that although she was told to guard the key of Hell, she does not feel she owes more loyalty to God who cast her down into this dismal place than to her father, who is going to bring to this wonderful new world where she is going to rule, sitting on his right hand.


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