John Milton – “Paradise Lost” Book 2 (ctd.)

The other shape – if it can be called shape, because it seems just like shapeless darkness – now sees Satan approaching and moves to stop him. Satan, undaunted, asks him who he is that he dares to stand in his way. He intends to get through these gates without asking anybody’s permission because he is a Spirit of Heaven. The dreadful shadow asks “Are thou the traitor angel?” and makes fun of him still calling himself a Spirit of Heaven, telling him to go back where he belongs. They are about to have a face-off and the ensuing battle would be something to write another epic poem about, if the half-snake woman had not intervened with the cry “Don’ t kill your own father, don’t kill your own son!” “What do you mean”, asks Satan taken aback, “since I have no memory of ever fathering a son?” “Oh, don’t you remember me anymore?”, cries Sin. “When you were still conspiring in Heaven, suddenly you felt a strong headache and I jumped out of your head. Everybody was at the beginning a bit afraid of me, but soon I managed to make them all attracted to me, including you to such a degree that soon I found myself with child.”


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