Gerrard Winstanley – “A New Year’s Gift sent to the Parliament and Army” (the end)

Winstanley’ third argument (which is, to my mind, not that different from the first and second one) is that the acts of Parliament made England a republic, abolishing the power of landlords, tithing priests and corrupt judges over the common land is the logical continuation of these acts. Fourthly, the plain justice demands that people who fought in the war or supported the army through their taxes need to have their share of the spoils, and if they don’t have them, then it’s no justice but “the club law”, i.e. the rule of the strongest, and thus contrary to law and religion which Parliament members pretend to profess. He emphasizes several times he doesn’t wish any physical harm to the members of the ruling elites, nor does he want to deprive them of their inheritance: he only demands the just share of the common people in the common land.


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