Thomas Carew – “A Rapture”

And finally we’re in for a little bit of porn! But you know, very classy porn, with allusions to ancient mythology and stuff. Carew starts by convincing his “Celia” that there’s no point in worrying about such a human construct as honour – we can sail between its legs like ships were believed to sail between the legs of the Colossus of Rhodes or fly above his head.  It’s a device invented by “greedy men, that seek to enclose the common” (like the landowners who enclosed the commons for their private use) and “empale free woman” behind this fence. So let us fly above the monster’s head and let me see you, Carew implores, without any cover. Your body is like the rich mine, explored by my eyes, and out of the ore we are going to coin young Cupids. Then he gets all pastoral, describing their bed strewn with roses and myrtls (surely not very comfortable), their beds filled with down of Venus’ doves, the murmur of the nearby stream and the song of birds  – all that to lull the lovers’ to sleep, make them dream about each other and incite them to make love again when they wake up. He, like the bee “deflowering the fresh virgins of the spring” starts kissing her breasts and moves downwards, but all that is expressed in the metaphors of fruit and flowers, and even his going down on her is compared to producing precious ointment in an alembic. And at this exciting moment we have to break off!


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