Ben Jonson – “The Masque of Blackness” (the end)

The nymphs dance, after which the daughters of Oceanus are called back to the sea. Aethiopia/Moon bids them farewell and tells the daughters of Niger that they are going to stay here in the kingdom of Albion. They are going to follow a beauty ritual including bathing themselves in rosemary and sea foam on every full moon. After they do it for thirteen moons (one year) they are going to turn white. This is like in Marvel movies, an allusion to the sequel that was coming up, The Masque of Beauty, which nevertheless got delayed for three years because in the meantime Jonson had to write other masques. Aethiopia leaves, followed by the waves of the sea at ebb. Britain is the best country in the world and James I is the best king. The end.


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