William Shakespeare – Twelfth Night (ctd.)

The officers bring Antonio, whom they identify as the pirate who robbed Orsino’s ships. Antonio does not deny it, only taking issue with the word “pirate”. When Orsino asks him what made him do the reckless act of appearing in the streets of the enemy town, he says it was the love of this boy, whom he saved from drowning and who is paying him now with blackest ingratitude. Orsino says it makes no sense, because Antonio claims he and Sebastian arrived today in the city, while Cesario has been serving him for the last three months. But this conversation has to be put aside as Olivia enters. Orsino again makes declarations of his love and is again rebuffed. He says he knows who possesses Olivia’s heart and calls Cesario aside. What is he going to do with him? We don’t know exactly but apparently nothing good. However, Viola loves Orsino so much that she is willing to die a thousand deaths for him. Olivia, hearing these declarations of love, laments that she is beguiled, and Viola is surprised, since she promised nothing to Olivia. Olivia calls to bring the priest as a witness


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