William Shakespeare – Twelfth Night (ctd.)

Sir Andrew and Cesario draw swords, but in this moment Antonio steps in and taking Viola for Sebastian, intervenes, offering to fight on his behalf. Before he has a chance to do so, two officers enter, ordering everybody to put down their swords. They all do so and Andrew tells Viola that the horse she is going to get from him is a good one, but in the confusion she does not register or understand his offer. The officers came to arrest Antonio, and Antonio appeals to Viola for the purse he has given to Sebastian, since he may need it in prison. Viola is confused but offers to share the little money she has on her. Antonio loudly exclaims against the ingratitude of Sebastian, the man he saved from drowning and Viola finally understands he must have taken her for her brother, especially since she wears clothes similar to his as a tribute to him. She still dares not believe that her beloved brother may be alive. The officers take Antonio to prison. Sir Toby and Andrew denounce Cesario as a coward and dishonest person and Andrew decides to follow him and beat him up. Thus ends this long and eventful scene as well as Act III.


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