William Shakespeare – Twelfth Night (ctd.)

Sir Toby and Andrew come out of the house and greet Cesario. They admire the sophisticated language Cesario uses and especially Andrew is in awe of all the difficult words, trying to remember them for another occasion. Olivia enters and sends others away. Cesario again tries to tell her about Orsino’s love, but Olivia interrupts him, admitting that sending the ring after him was just a ruse and declaring her love. Cesario says he pities her, and Olivia takes hope in this, saying it’s a step toward love, but Cesario corrects her, saying we may pity even our enemies. Olivia realizes her love is unrequited, saying sadly that Cesario’s future wife is going to be a very lucky woman. They engage in some bantering along the lines of “I am not who you think I am”. Olivia implores Cesario to reconsider, saying “Love sought is good, but given unsought is better”. Viola answers that no woman will be ever the mistress of hers but herself and says that she will not bother her with Orsino’s declarations of love anymore, and Olivia asks her still to come back and try to convince her.


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