Christopher Marlowe – Doctor Faustus (ctd.)

Wagner comes on stage in his second job as Chorus to inform the audience what Faustus is doing right now, which is travelling around Europe thanks to his magic powers. At the opening of the next scene Faustus tells Mephastophilis where they have been; this speech is obviously unnecessary for M., who has been with Faustus all along and knows all that perfectly well, but directed at the audience and gives Marlowe an opportunity to do some traveloguing. So Faustus describes all the places in Europe he has seen and asks M. whether he is in Rome now. Indeed you are, answers M., and gives his version of “Fodor’s 10 Must-See Places in Rome”. Faustus is keen on sightseeing, but M. suggests they may stay and see the Pope with his retinue. Faustus agrees, M. casts an invisibility spell on him and Faustus engages in a series of rather childish pranks when he snatches the plates of food from the Pope, scares everybody by speaking even though he can’t be seen and giving the Pope a box on the ear.


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