Christopher Marlowe – Doctor Faustus (ctd.)

Faustus cannot feel repentance and is certain about his damnation. He feels tempted to take away his life, but the entertainment Mephastophilis provides for him makes him forget about it. It seems pretty high-brow, because M. raised for him the spirits of Homer and Orpheus. I am not sure when it was supposed to happen, since Faustus has just sold his soul, so I guess there is some implied cut in the preceding lines.  Faustus then engages in a dispute with M. about astronomy, and M. describes to him the Ptolemaic universe, with the earth in the centre, and nine spheres revolving around it. But then Faustus returns to his former preoccupation and asks M. (knowing perfectly well the answer) who made the world. M. says he cannot answer and Faustus should think about his final destination, i.e. hell, instead. He exits and Good and Evil Angel enter again with their usual routine “you are damned/you can still repent”. M. returns with guys from the corporate – Lucifer and Belzebub. Lucifer admonishes Faustus, saying his thoughts about God are a breach of the contract and he should think about the devil instead. Faustus promises he is going to be the enemy of God and church from now on. Lucifer offers to him another entertainment, the parade of Seven Deadly Sins and Faustus is very happy to see them. I don’t see the appeal, but then, I am not damned.


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