Edmund Spenser – The Faerie Queene (ctd.)

Arthur approaches the gate of the Giant’s castle, which is unsurprisingly locked, with nobody to answer the knock. His squire takes out his magic horn and blows a signal which shakes the castle and bursts open the gate. The Giant leaves off his canoodling with Duessa and runs to see the cause of this din, with Duessa following him on her seven-headed monster behind. The Giant strikes a blow with his giant club, but Arthur manages to avoid it, and the Giant’s club, having caused a minor earthquake, is now stuck in the ground. While the Giant is struggling to get it out, Arthur cuts off his left arm. (Yikes!) The blood pours out and the Giant bellows, as Spenser notices with unusual bovine specificity, like “Cymbrian” (meaning Juttland) “Bulles” (meaning calves), bellowing for their mothers.


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