Edmund Spenser – The Faerie Queene (ctd.)

Duessa goes to the place where Night is about to mount her iron wagon and set out on her journey through the sky. Night seeing the shiny and glamorous Duessa wants to retreat into her cave, but Duessa asks to stay and listen what she has to say, which is “How can you suffer your grandsons to be treated this way, one of them killed and the other wounded??” We learn in this speech that the three Saracens are the children of Aveugle (“blind”), the son of Night. Night is somewhat moved by this, although she knows only hate, not love. She answers that she cannot meddle with destiny and Jove’s decrees, but still, she can seek revenge. “But who are you?”, she asks Duessa. “I am Duessa, the daughter of Deceipt and Shame”, she answers. “I thought your face looked familiar”, says Night kissing her, “and we are related since I am the mother of falsehood. Let us go”. They both get into Night’s iron wagon and set off.


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