Edmund Spenser – The Faerie Queene (ctd.)

The fight seems to take a decisive turn when Sansjoy looks at his brother’s shield hanging on the tree. He addresses the ghost of his brother, saying something to the extent “I am going to send your killer to you to tell you that I’ve won your shield back!” and gives Redcrosse two strong blows on the head. Redcrosse is reeling and Duessa cries out “The shield and I are yours”. But Redcrosse hearing this gathers his strength and strikes Sansjoy so hard he gets down on his knee. Redcrosse tells Sansjoy “Go and yourself tell your brother that his shield remains with his victor” and wants to finish him off, but at that moment a dark cloud hides the Saracen from everyone’s view. Duessa, evidently hoping Redcrosse hasn’t heard her earlier outburst, now runs to him saying “Don’t look for him, he’s evidently been transported to Hades and you’re the winner!” Everybody hails Redcrosse, who goes to the Queen to offer her his services, which she gracefully accepts, and then is taken to his chamber where he receives medical care. Duessa is weeping crocodile tears, and in the evening steals out to the place where Sansjoy is lying still in swoon. She doesn’t stay with him, however, but goes to the eastern part of heaven.


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