Edmund Spenser – The Faerie Queene (ctd.)

Redcrosse throws his gauntlet to Sansjoy, and then they all go to a big party organized by Gluttony. They have a good time until Sloth, who is the chamberlain (literally – responsible for bed-chambers) puts them to sleep. Well, at least their jobs match their particular skill-sets. Everybody goes to sleep, but the two knights, thinking about the tomorrow’s duel. The false Duessa sneaks to Sansjoy’s bedroom, and tells him how much she loved his brother. She paints herself as the unwilling prisoner of Redcrosse, who kept her in a dark cave because she would not put out. She also implies that since Sansjoy is the heir of Sansfoy, she is going to be his as well. Sansjoy comforts her, saying that he is going to revenge his brother tomorrow. Duessa says she is not so sure, because Redcrosse has this magic armour and magic shield which no weapon can penetrate, but Sansjoy says “I am going to win, magic or no magic”. Duessa promises him her secret aid and returns to her room.


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