Thomas More “Utopia” ctd.

Gilles says that Hythloday travelled around the world, through America, reaching Ceylon and then via Calcutta going back to Europe on a Portuguese ship. Gilles introduces Hythloday to More, after which they all go together to More’s house and Hythloday starts his story. Hythloday travelled with Amerigo Vespucci on his four travels and during the last one he asked Vespucci to leave him with a few of his companions at a fort somewhere far away in America. (More is a bit fuzzy here, as he first mentions twenty-four companions, but then he writes only about five). Hythloday and his companions become very friendly with the locals and their prince, who helps them with the means of transport and gives them a guide when they set off on a journey. After passing through the dangerous equatorial zone of deserts and savages they reach more civilized areas. People there are skilled seamen, but they didn’t know the compass, the use of which was shown to them by Hythloday.


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