“Everyman” ctd.

God continues his complaint: since people pay not attention to the matters of eternal life and are preoccupied with their riches, he is going to send Death to every man/Everyman and ask him for his reckoning. The summoned Death appears and promises to search the whole world. Soon he finds Everyman and  tells him that he is the messenger from God who wants to see his reckoning. Everyman says he is not ready and asks Death who he is. When Death introduces himself, he jumps to the bargaining stage in the Kubler-Ross model, offering Death a thousand pounds, but Death naturally dismisses the offer, saying that if he took bribes, he would own the world, but he is incorruptible.

I haven’t mentioned that this drama is written in a sort of uneven line, with rhymes appearing from time to time in couplets, but not in any sort of regular way. I can only guess this is a result of the adaptation from the original Dutch, where some rhymes were borrowed verbatim, if the Dutch words were similar enough to the English ones, or otherwise ignored.


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