Thomas Malory ‘Morte d’Arthur’ ctd.

Lancelot goes to Guinevere without his armour, just taking his sword. And what he does in her chamber, as says Malory in a priceless aside, “me list not (I care not) thereof make no mention, for love that time was not as love is nowadays”. So you know, maybe it’s just your dirty contemporary minds and all they were doing was playing Scrabble.  Oh wait… Scrabble had not been invented yet. Anyway, whatever they are doing, they are rudely interrupted by Agravain and Mordred yelling “Lancelot, you traitor, get out!”. “You don’t happen to have an armour lying about in your bedroom, do you?”, asks Lancelot. “No, unfortunately”, says Guinevere. They get into a small back-and-forth along the lines “I wish I could die provided you could escape alive, Sir Bors and my two other best friends will take care of you – No, I wish I could die so that YOU could survive, anyway I won’t live more than a few days after your death”, but they can’t go on too long, because the knights have taken up a bench and are about to use it as a battering ram on Guinevere’s door. “Open the door and we will spare your life until you are tried by King Arthur”, they say. “All right, al right, I am getting out”, says Lancelot, wrapping his mantle around his sword arm. He opens the door just enough for a one man to come in. As it turns out, the knights had no intention of taking him alive, as the first knight who comes in strikes a blow at Lancelot, who parries the blow, kills him, drags the body into the bedchamber and slams the door shut again. Then he, with the help of Guinevere and her maids puts the dead man’s armour on.


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