‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’ ctd.

Gawain roams the country for nearly two months – reaches the coast of North Wales and then turns eastward to the forests of Cheshire. On his way he has to fight serpents, wolves, boars, giants, wild men etc. He also keeps on asking people (those who don’t want to fight him, presumably) about the coordinates of the Green Chapel but nobody can help him. In the meantime the weather is getting colder, the freezing rain and sleet start to form icicles on Gawain’s armour. On Christmas Day Gawain is worried that he is going to miss the mass and he prays earnestly to find some church or chapel. And then, on cue, he comes across a beautiful castle, which will probably have a chapel and a chaplain. Gawain takes of his helmet and thanks Jesus and St Julian (the patron of hospitality) for helping him to find the way. The weather descriptions are very evocative and may I add, very English.


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