Beowulf ctd.

Beowulf plunges in the mere and Grendel’s mother catches him and drags him down to her lair. He tries to fight with his sword, but it proves helpless against her. They wrestle for a while and she pulls a knife on him. If the translator is correct, I think it is interesting that she, as a female, uses a knife rather than a traditionally masculine sword. She has, however, quite a well-stocked armoury, because Beowulf notices a sword there and uses it, this time successfully, against her. Than he finds wounded/dead Grendel and cuts off his head. Meanwhile, the warriors on the shore, seeing water turning red, think that Beowulf was killed. Hrothgar and the Danes go back home, but the Geats stay on the shore, still hoping to see their leader. Fortunately, he finally appears, bringing with him his trophies: the hilt of the sword (the blade was melted by the toxic blood of the monster) and the head of Grendel, which is so big that it takes four men to carry it to Heorot.


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